About Us

Ọpọlọ Global Innovation Ltd is an innovation enabler, incubator, and accelerator with a focus on nurturing talents to become global innovators, solution developers, and entrepreneurs. Ọpọlọ creates an environment to congregate entrepreneurs, investors, corporate entities, thought leaders, indigenous innovators, and startups to inspire sustained economic growth across the country. We have a rich base global network of partners across Research, Entrepreneurship, Management, Technical, Funding, Mentorship, and Coaching support benefits. Especially for corporate investors, there are opportunities for outsourcing Research and Development, and potential for portfolio and market extension.



Poor infrastructure and resources to support institutions & researchers in building spinouts from research outcomes.om research outcomes…”.


Lack of tailored-fit investment fund to support quality innovations to scale beyond laboratories and shelves.


Inability to convert research outcomes into commercially viable products to benefit institutions and society.


Inability of innovators to convert high valued skills and solutions to money making ventures
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Traditional knowledge and skills not fit for the emerging and new world of work.


Lack of quality globalized advisory, mentorship and relevant networks to enable innovations.