Opolo Global Innovation Hub Receives Royal Preparatory Montessori Academy Students on Educational Excursion.

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Osogbo, Osun State – On Thursday, 20th July, 2023, a group of seven bright young minds from Royal Preparatory Montessori Academy embarked on an exciting and educational excursion to Opolo Global Innovation Hub, located in Oke-baale, Osogbo. Organized by the Academy, the purpose of the trip was to provide the students with a firsthand experience of innovation and technology at the renowned hub.

Accompanied by two dedicated teachers as chaperones, the team of students, led by Mrs. Desola Aina, arrived at the Opolo Innovation Hub at 12:30 pm. The students were warmly greeted by the Hub Manager, Miss Benedicta Alalade, who initiated introductions and acquainted them with the diverse services offered within the hub.

The students’ enthusiasm was palpable as they embarked on a guided tour through the innovation hub, exploring its various spaces and learning about their unique purposes. From state-of-the-art STEMI laboratories to collaborative workspaces, the students were exposed to a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem of technological advancements.

During their visit, the students were introduced to the fascinating world of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning through a special lecture video featuring Hod Lipson, a distinguished Professor from Columbia Engineering. The trainer engagingly explained the concepts from the video, encouraged interactive discussions, and patiently addressed the students’ inquiries.

Throughout the training session, the students were captivated by the potential applications of technology in their daily lives and beyond. The educational excursion provided them with valuable insights into the significance of innovation in shaping the world’s future.

Following the enriching training, the students eagerly shared their reflections on the visit. All of them expressed their excitement and appreciation for the opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology and its impact on society. They praised the Opolo Global Innovation Hub for creating a stimulating learning environment that sparked their curiosity and enthusiasm.

Mrs. Desola Aina, the lead teacher, commended the Opolo Global Innovation Hub for its commitment to promoting technology and innovation among young minds. She highlighted the significance of such educational excursions in nurturing curiosity and fostering a passion for learning among students.

The excursion to Opolo Global Innovation Hub will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on these young students, igniting a flame of innovation that has the potential to shape their futures and contribute to the growth of the nation as a whole. It is through such initiatives that the seeds of progress are sown, nurturing the next generation of technologically adept and creative leaders.

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