SkRIBE Cohort 2 Unveiled in Osun State as Opolo Global Innovation and Osun Development Association Host Induction Ceremony

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Opolo Global Innovation and the Osun Development Association joined forces to orchestrate the Skilling Revolutionary Innovators to Build Enterprise (SkRIBE) Cohort 2.0. This visionary initiative, driven by a shared commitment to advancing Nigeria’s digital landscape, aims to catalyze the nation’s transformation into a global innovation hub. The program amongst others seeks to empower a staggering 50,000 digital talents and enthusiasts in Osun State, propelling the country toward a digitally empowered future.

The grand launch of SkRIBE Cohort 2.0, themed Unveiling the New Wave of Digital Frontiers, held at the Opolo Innovation Hub, Osun State University, unfolded with an air of anticipation, as industry luminaries and aspiring innovators gathered for an event that promised to reshape the trajectory of Nigeria’s technological evolution. Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan, the esteemed Chairman of the Technology and Innovation Group at the Osun Development Association, set the tone with an impassioned opening speech. He extended warm felicitations to the participants, underlining the pivotal role they play in Nigeria’s digital journey. Akinwuntan urged them to seize this transformative opportunity to craft products with global appeal, envisioning a future where Nigerian innovations resonate on the international stage.

A resounding theme throughout the event was the call for integrity, ethics, and a commitment to the “Omoluabi” spirit, a cornerstone of Osun’s cultural ethos. Participants were reminded that beyond technical prowess, the ethical foundation of their work would be the bedrock of sustainable innovation. The program’s emphasis on character development echoed the belief that true innovation must be grounded in a commitment to responsible and principled practices.

The keynote address, delivered by Mr. Femi Kalejaiye, Team Lead of Opolo Global Innovation Limited, resonated with the participants. Kalejaiye passionately implored the cohort to embrace a mindset of continuous learning, recognizing it as the key to staying at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital landscape. He underscored the transformative potential of the SkRIBE program, positioning it as a springboard for participants to unlock their creative potential and make a lasting impact on Nigeria and Africa’s economic fabric.

The SkRIBE Cohort 2.0 launch marked a crucial milestone in Nigeria’s digital journey, signifying a collective commitment to fostering innovation, empowering talents, and positioning the nation as a global player in the digital arena. Participants in Cohort 2 will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in cutting-edge, industry-relevant courses taught by elite instructors. Participants from the program will be efficient in taking on the opportunities and overcoming the obstacles that the digital economy presents. The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to address the changing needs of the digital industry.

As the program unfolds over time, it is poised to shape not only the professional trajectories of its participants but also the very fabric of Nigeria’s technological future. The echoes of SkRIBE are poised to reverberate across borders, as a new wave of innovators rises to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.


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