Our Approach

Our Approach


Opolo innovation hubs & centres

Strategic establishment of innovation hubs and centers in tertiary institutions as well as rural areas. We incubate ventures at these locations to co-create solutions to local problems 


Collaboration with institutions, researchers, and industry to scale research to enterprise

Tactically working together with institutions and researchers to co-conduct research for innovation, commercialisation and enterprise. 


Partnership with regional and global renowned tertiary institutions, and innovation enablers

Collaboration with global institutions in Africa and other continents to co-create, co-fund innovations, as well as organise exchange programs for solution development and innovation adoption. 


Establish global collaborations with communities of innovation and entrepreneurship

Establish global collaborations with communities of innovation and entrepreneurship



Innovative programs

Programs targeted at developing technical, digital, special innovation skills and enterprise.


Investment & funding

A 3-tiered investment and innovation funding channels for developed MVPs for commercialization:

  • The League: Angel Investment Club
  • Opolo Innovation Fund
  • Partnership with private equity firms across the globe in funding innovations.

Talent as a service

Creating opportunities for talents to work with global workforce in enhancing productivity



A community of reputable and successful mentors, entrepreneurs and life coaches, to groom talents and innovators based on industry experience and global best practice.