Collaborate with us and help us build an innovative society by giving support to devoided founders.

We support devoided entrepreneurs from across the globe to imagine, create launch, and scale businesses that are sustainable, successful, and have a positive and lasting impact on their communities. We’re committed to building an innovative society by aiding develop entrepreneurs’ skills, knowledge and confidence through our incubator and accelerator programs designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

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Why partner with us?

Support from an expert team: We’ll use our expertise, enthusiasm, and ideas to make sure working together is a success on both sides.

A way to differentiate your brand: You’ll get to meet innovative and diverse founders, connect with them early, leading to long-term relationships and brand exposure.

A made-tomeasure partnership:  We’re creative and collaborative in our approach and will help tailor just the right kind of partnership to enhance your business.

Market insight Gain access to relevant insights and analysis of entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging market