August in Opolo: An Ode to Innovation and Digital Skilling.

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In August, it was an ode to Innovation across Opolo Global Locations.

The month of August is a month known for the long period of holiday for school children and young adults in Nigeria. It is a different stroke for different school folks. For some, it is a time to continue their academic journey preparing for the coming session. For others, it is a period to learn other skills apart from school work. At Opolo Global, it was Innovation O’clock for young men and women across its locations in the country. Whether you want to talk about our STEMI programme in underserved communities or you are referring to our python programming at our university locations, you are right when you say we paid homage to innovation and digital upskilling in the month August.


At the Opolo Global Innovation Centre in Ifetedo, where not less than 20 young men and women gathered to get introduced to  the fascinating world of graphics design. That was done for 4 weeks! Then, move on to the Otan Ayegbaju Opolo Innovation Centre where you would see not less than 60 students on the quest to get digital knowledge. For the four weeks in the whole of August, our young folks were at the centre to unravel the knowledge of the wonders one could use a computer system for. To say these young folks were excited is an understatement! Their faces get lighted up. Opolo Global was happy too that we are fulfilling our mandate of spreading innovation in the underserved communities.


But, the story of fostering innovation and digital skills did not stop there. The Opolo Quadruple Helix Approach also took a centre stage in August. We partnered with indigenous organizations to ignite the fire of innovation in Osun State. First, Opolo-Osun Development Association partnership with the mandate to produce digital innovators in the Osun space came to a good end. The 19 youths selected from different local governments in the state would be waiting to wear their graduation tassels soon.   With the final graduation and the commencement of internship period with our partners taking off in October, it was truly a rewarding experience helping the Nigerian society to build digital innovators under a unique partnership arrangement. It still did stop there.


Another relationship was birthed again in August- the Opolo-Ife Progressive Summit partnership. With IPS on our side, we trained 70 junior and senior secondary school students on programming and robotics. Sponsored by the Ife Progressive Summit, the students learnt a lot within the space of 4 weeks. We are closing up the summer digital skilling programme this Friday (8 October, 2023)


Even though, August has come and gone, we profoundly appreciated the partnership forged. We are still roaring to go forge other partnerships that could help Opolo unleash innovation that lead to increased prosperity. An ode to the impact driven month of August.

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