Empowering Indigenous Innovation: Opolo’s Impactful Presence at NTICE Expo 2023

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In a resounding celebration of indigenous innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Opolo Global Innovation stood tall and proud at the illustrious 2023 Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content Expo (NTICE), orchestrated by the Nigeria Communication Commission. With an impactful booth and an enlightening panel discussion led by our very own Mr. Olufemi Kalejaiye, Co-founder and Head of Social Impact, our presence echoed our unwavering commitment to fostering growth and propelling innovation.

At the heart of the NTICE 2023 event, our booth radiated innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. The space hummed with the energy of groundbreaking ideas as we proudly showcased the achievements of our incubatees. From revolutionary telecommunications solutions to pioneering strides in digital communication, our booth was a testament to the exceptional caliber of entrepreneurs that Opolo Global Innovation nurtures and supports.


A highlight that set NTICE 2023 ablaze was Mr. Kalejaiye’s engaging panel session titled “Investment Opportunities in Indigenous Content: Attracting Local and Foreign Investments.” With an eloquence that captivated the audience, Mr. Kalejaiye illuminated the vast potential of indigenous content, underscoring its magnetic appeal to both local and international investors. His insights transcended the confines of the event, sparking meaningful dialogues and setting the stage for collaborative innovation.

As the curtain falls on NTICE 2023, the echoes of connections made and aspirations shared continue to reverberate within us. Our journey is a commitment to amplify the voices of indigenous innovators, providing them with the platform they rightfully deserve. We envisage a future where Opolo Global Innovation becomes synonymous with driving transformative change, attracting investments that fuel dreams and create lasting impacts.


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