SkRIBE is aimed at improving youths’ earning potential by skilling them with in-demand skills, as well as promoting digital inclusion, with a special focus on females and persons in underserved communities.

SkRIBE runs as a 300-hour cohort-based intensive incubation capacity building program aimed at incubating up to fifty thousand “50,000” digital natives and enthusiasts in no and low code digital skills across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Available courses are:

  • Digital Media Management,
  • Data Science & Analytics,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Network & Information Security (Cybersecurity),
  • Product Design & Management,
  • Blockchain,
  • Robotics, and STEMI education.

First Cohort Course:

  • Product Design,
  • Product Management

General Entry Requirement (Cohort 1):

  • Participants must be resident in Osun State.
  • Participants must be graduates from any tertiary institution, and of any academic background.
  • Participants must have basic digital skill competency (at least, should be able to use Microsoft Office Suite).
  • Participants must be ready to commit 4 hours and 5 days a week for the duration of the program.
  • Participants must be willing to undergo assessments during and after the program

Click here to apply for cohort 1.

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  • Abayomi

    August 17, 2023 - 10:35 pm

    When does registeration for this program starts

    • opolo global

      August 21, 2023 - 5:38 pm

      Thank you for your interest in the SKribe Programme. Kindly follow us on our media channel for more update on the next cohort.

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